Motorola Ever Discussed To Purchase Huawei About 2003 Last

Motorola and Huawei are one of the brands that are not familiar today. But over the last 16 years, Huawei’s brand is not very popular – even according to recent reports from the FT, it is reported that Huawei has ever tried selling their company to Motorola for $ 7.5 billion.

However, the acquisition did not occur in the past 2003. It is said that the matter did not take place after the change in management at Motorola, as well as board members who saw the price to pay was high.

Now various things have changed otherwise. Motorola has recently sold its device business to Google, and now it’s owned by Lenovo – while Huawei has advanced ahead and is now the world’s second-largest phone brand. In the field of hardware networking offerings, Huawei is also ahead of Motorola Solutions today.

If the takeover took place in the past 2003, it is not possible that today’s telecommunications arena is different.

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