Malaysia’s First Flying Vehicle Expected to Be Featured This Year

The first national car of Proton Saga was launched in 1985. After almost 35 years, Malaysia’s first flying car will be shown this year according to Entrepreneur Development Minister Datuk Seri Redzuan Md Yusof.

According to him, the first prototype of the first flying vehicle using technology from Malaysia has already been produced, and is just waiting for the time to be shown. A sum of RM1 million [245,670 USD] has been spent so far to produce it. So far it is able to fly safely at low altitude and at reasonable speed. Which company is not known to be involved in the development of this flying car.

What was known earlier was Terrafugia was taken over by Geely two years ago. Geely has taken over almost half of Proton’s shares. Terrafugia itself is targeting the production of their fleet as early as 2023. Could this flying car be developed by Proton in secret with the help of Terrafugia?

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